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Stop Middletown 1% EIT Flyer

Please print this and hand out to your neighbors and send to friends. We need a big showing Wednesday Dec 11 to fight the 1% tax on our gorss earnings. 


Join the fight against the unfair taxation of the community with an 1% Earned Income Tax the MT Supervisors just surprised us with and gave us NO public input or facts

A Facebook Page has been set up to help you learn and to see what YOU can do to fight this tax.

Middletown Township Taxpayers United FaceBook Page



God Bless those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Let us also remember today the 10s of thousands living among us with the mental and physical reminders of the selfless sacrifices they made for our values and liberty. We will never forget you.


Southhampton Patch: Mr. Webb and the NSB will never allow Past Practice to be covered in the new NFT CBA 

BCCT: Former NFT Official, Robert Wilson defends "Equal Say" with an absurd letter

The same union leader was the lead mouthpiece for the militant NFT in the 1981 teachers strike that has lead to total control of the district by a rogue union. He is trying to help Louise desperately hang on to her power and this letter has done the opposite by emboldening the community against the NFT even more.

Here is what Mr. Wilson was saying and demanding in 1981 when the NFT attacked our community the first time:

Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)
January 19, 1981
By Cynthia Tucker

Striking teachers in the Neshaminy School District today will continue to defy a court order telling them to return to work, a union spokesman said yesterday.

" It is our position that unless the board commits itself to negotiations to
go into binding arbitration, the teachers will remain out and schools will remain closed," said Robert Wilson, a spokesman for the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers.

Bucks County Judge Isaac Garb issued an injunction Thursday ordering the
teachers to return to work on Friday. But the teachers held a general membership meeting Thursday night and voted by a 2-1 ratio to defy Garb's order. Only a handful of teachers crossed the picket lines, and the district's two high schools, three middle schools and seven of its eight elementary schools were shut down shortly after they reopened on Friday.

Neshaminy teachers walked out of their classrooms on Oct. 27. After 11 weeks of frustrating negotiating sessions, board of education representatives
followed a group of parents and students into court and joined them in a
request for an injunction forcing the teachers back to work.

Garb tried to avoid an injunction, instead ordering the teachers and school
board representatives to negotiate in the courthouse under his mediation. But
after three days, talks broke down again when the two sides could not agree
on which issues should be submitted to the judge for binding arbitration.

On Thursday, Garb issued the injunction, ordering teachers to return to
their classrooms and stay there until the end of the school year, even if no
contract is signed during that time.

The teachers and the school board continue to disagree on the issues of pay
and class size. The school board last offered the teachers a two-year contract
with pay increases ranging from 8 to 10 percent each year. Teachers said they
would accept 8 to 10 percent in the first year only if they were given 13
percent pay raises in the second year.



So much for a "cost neutral" counter proposal . . . This union leadership  is out to destroy our district unless they get what they demand. 
Another costly contract with all the power they have had that has ruined NSD education. These teachers reelected the angry militant fringe and signed on to the agenda of destruction and hurting kids. 

Board Releases NFT Counter Proposal

Webb Calls Counteroffer Unaffordable


NFT leaders are about to reject the contract held by one of the top 1000 school districts in America and the gold standard in Bucks/PA.  Let teachers vote on it in a secret ballot to end this! Louise stop your personal ego driven crusade of greed and union power. You have lost this time and taxpayers have finally won.....now settle the contract......You are embarrassing the district and all teachers' unions with your misguided attack on kids and a community. 


BCCT: Best article written. Everyone understands the significance of this offer except the knucklehead 8!

BCCT: There is no equal say in the NFT! Let teacher vote!



Another compelling argument against teacher union power and greed. Pay attention NFT.

BCCT: Teachers' unions offer no solutions to the problem they only ask for more money


Lots of news to update today as Louise gets herself deposited in another deep hole by Mr. Webb.....How does this Union and the Gang of 8 leadership reject the same contract for one of the top group of teachers in the Commonwealth. Louise is cackling her head off. Can you just imaging the outrage of the community, the PSEA and every other teachers' union in PA when the NFT leader and her crack  lawyers (if they show up) reject this?????

BCCT: This is like Wile e Cyote and the Road Runner: Ritchie sends the NFT a new ACME Co contract offer box and when the gang opens the box ...Kaboomb......"Oh no now what do we do Louise?? We are outwitted once again by Mr. Webb????

BCCT: After 5 years there is no support for the NSD teachers' union in the selfish pursuit of more and more.

BCCT: Mr Webb in a calm fact based letter again exposes the lies of NFT Union propagandists


BCCT: Yes past boards were incompetent and owned by the NFT and a Past Superintendent but this mess is all on one "maniacally laughing" union leader.

BCCT: I support a public hearing but all these schools are no longer sustainable and decisions need to be made now especially since teachers choose to not to help and be part of our Neshaminy Community

BCCT: School consolidations. Thank God we finally have a fiscally responsible Board with courage.

BCCT: Incompetent legal advice gets Louise is more hot water with the judge as Mr. Webb calls her out yet again

BCCT: Boyd clings to false hope in a flawed strategy lead by very expensive and mediocre attorneys. She misleads her members into thinking a judge will give them Retro. Only taxpayers can end this through our elected officials. Here go Da Judge, Here go Da Judge....


BCCT: Worth reading if you are a less than maximum NFTer before your leaders call another strike it is time for YOU to act.. ....



This from the greatest school board President PA has ever seen.

Friday, August 3, 2012
NFT Again Seeks Judge's Intervention
Earlier today we learned that the NFT filed a request with Judge Robert Baldi seeking his intervention in our contract impasse. While I am not surprised by this move, I am disappointed by the hypocrisy of union negotiators as they claim it is the School Board that is not negotiating in good faith.

The last proposal from the NFT would have cost us over $21 million in the first year alone! That increase is more than 12 times the taxing authority we are currently afforded under Act 1. Even if we raised taxes to the Act 1 limit, we would still fall short by nearly $20 million. We could slash every nonessential curriculum program in business, music and art, and still we wouldn’t have enough money.

As if the costs of the NFT offer aren’t daunting enough, the union doesn’t even want to acknowledge the staggering $100+ million jump in Neshaminy’s PSERS contributions** over the next 10 years.

Recent actions by the union negotiation team demonstrate they have no desire to help us achieve an affordable, sustainable contract. Lead negotiator, attorney Tom Jennings, has missed 4 of the last 5 negotiation sessions. And NFT President, Louise Boyd, admitted on Facebook that she arbitrarily skipped a recent session because she didn’t like how the meeting was progressing.

The NFT can complain all they want that the Board is being inflexible because when it comes to our students, we are inflexible. The bottom line here is simple and clear – we are trying to preserve, if not improve, our educational programs; the NFT’s contract demands will decimate them.

When you consider all the financial and educational concerns confronting Neshaminy, it’s quite obvious which side isn’t negotiating in good faith. The Board is trying to save a school district. The NFT is trying to protect the status quo.


Ritchie Webb


Read Planet Neshaminy

Teacher Unions Exposed:Teachers own Harrisburg and we let it happen with 30 years of neglect and apathy.

Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.                                      -John Milton  

I hope you all choose to get actively involved in the fight against local excessive taxation and governmental waste. We can and we must win for our future and more importantly the future of our children.

I look forward to working with all of you to improve Neshaminy education, take on Harrisburg and control taxpayer costs.





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